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Fifty days, fifty fragments: one a day, one solid journey. A collaboration bet. two artists who use this traditional countdown from Passover to Shavuot, Egypt to Sinai, spring to summer, as a private/public journey of daily discipline and discovery, making each day count, more, counting our blessings, aiming for more.

Gather the Broken: Day 3 of 50. Tangled.

Day 3 of 50 Jacqueline: broken bobbin tightly wound & tangled can’t risk using it Amichai: tangles. tightly wound threads of our existence. Muscles too tight, relationships so complicated, obligations and priorities compete for our attention, confuse our choices. If … Continue reading

Day 4 of 50: Puddles. Fear Less.

day 4 of 50 Jacqueline: a phone a puddle — an accident waiting to happen Amichai: I live in perpetual fear, or perhaps subtle awareness, that accidents are waiting to happen. Not just the small ones, like losing my phone … Continue reading