Have You Read a Cloud Today? Word #44

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‘.I met an aeromancer this week. He prefers to refer to himself as  ‘cloud reader

A few of us faeries  were laying on our backs in a meadow, underneath the vast blue skies of Vermont, and there were the clouds and here was a horse, or king kong, and a staircase, and we giggled like children, remembering how we used to this, and forgot, when W., who had been quiet, told us that he does this for a living

So, apparently, not that different than astrology, tarot or other forms of divination,  Aeromancy is the old art of reading the future and interpreting signs that speak to the soul – and for thousands of years there have been those who are gifted by seeing signs in the shapes of clouds.  Some aeromancers look for signs in weather conditions, rainbows, changes in weather patterns, storms, and other atmospheric phenomena

It’s like a fleeting cosmic Rorschach test

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