What we need to fight LGBTI discrimination

‘What is the one thing people of faith could do to help address LGBTI+ discrimination?’
Rabbi Amichai Lau-Lavie was recently invited to attend an international leadership conference at Wilton Park in the United Kingdom on ‘Opportunities and challenges: The intersection of faith and human rights of LGBTI+ persons.’ 
This short video, including Amichai, was created as part of the conference, inviting some of the present leaders to address this question. 
watch it here: 

Faith Leadership and LGBTI Communities

Wilton Park is an executive agency of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, offering a conference programme for debate on world political, security and economic issues.

Killed by Isolation: Amichai’s speech at Orlando Vigil

Al Eleh Ani Bochiyah | For These Souls We Weep | על אלה אני בוכיה
Those who sew in tears, will reap in joy. May all memories be a blessing.
Lab/Shul joined Congregation Bnai Jeshurun (BJ), Saint Paul and Saint Andrew (SPSA), and Romemu for an interfaith vigil honoring the memory of the LGBTQ victims in Orlando’s terror attack. Click the video below to listen to Amichai’s words and Naomi’s music, beautifully filmed by Sandi DuBowski. 

How to enter the Holy of Holies in your own backyard: Into Succot, with my YK sermon, in joy.



Into the Succah we go. This past Yom Kippur I spoke about the notion of the Holy of Holies being a state of mind and heart we can access at any time to remember that we are holy and every single living thing is as holy. The succah is a sort of holy of holies as well – a womb like container for sacred feasts, intimate conversations and celebration of harvest and life. Keep it real, dry, festive. Pleased to share the vid. of my YK Sermon with the teaching of Rav Kook that I quoted:

קודש הקודשים הוא יסוד הכל, יסוד היסודות, למעלה מכל שם, תואר וכנוי, המתרומם מעל כל הגיון, גם של קודש, באותה אין־הסופיות שהוא מתרומם מעל כל חול . קודש העליון, ששם גם החול וגם הקודש באים מתוכן אחד ומתגלים בתור צביון אחד. (ראי״ה קוק)

The Holy of Holies is the foundation of all, the source of sources, above all that is named, all attributes and known things, beyond logic, beyond that which is sacred, with the same infinite sense that it transcends all that is mundane and so called secular. The Holy of Holies is supreme sacred, where sacred and secular stem from the same source, and are revealed as one.

Hadassah Gross Presents: Esther Scroll 2014!

Rebbetzin Haddassah Gross, still deep inside the Dead Sea, where she descended just last Purim on a dangerous mission to rescue the Divine Presence, somehow also managed to produce a timely twist on the classic Esther Scroll! Inspired by Disney’s latest Oscar winning song AND the world’s best seller, fueled with faerie dust, celebrating  the courage of queens and the fabulous freedom to be who we are.   


watch: Hadassah Gross Presents: Esther Scroll 2014

Hadassah sends her love and wishes all a proud and really happy purim! (she’ll be back..)