What’s t/here that needs fixing? There’s this story about some great rabbi, I think it was Reb Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev, who was just done with his morning prayers during these days of preparation for the High Holy Days, when he heard a cobbler, walking down the street with his portable shop:” I fix shoes! Who’s got something to fix?” There and then, the great rabbi sat on the floor and started sobbing: “ I have so much to fix! My entire life needs fixing! “ etc. Today is the last day of the first week of this 40 days journey to a fabricated deadline that enables each and every one of us to look more closely in the mirror, present, focused, better prepared to take on all that life will offer. We all have something to fix. And we all procrastinate or deal with things as they are and not as they could better be. Yes, change is possible, and yes, we want it, and yet, it’s difficult to birth the real changes we need in our lives. But what is the alternative. Last task for this last day of the first week before we move on to the next round of lists: Fix one thing today. Even something small, seemingly insignificant. Take something to the tailor, or the cobbler, or the bank. Unfinished business? A phone call that is pending, an email in the draft inbox for over a month, a visit to the doctor, a look into the mirror with an honest 60 seconds interview: what in my life is worthy of fixing and where do I start? Practical, doable goals. Body, mind, soul. Me: healthy homemade breakfast of cottage cheese and vegetables and water. Cutting coffee out for now. Small, but a beginning. Anybody has good recommendations for 14 day long cleansing diets that work? Fix. One day at a time.

Day 6 8.15 DOUBTS