High Holy Days Journey with Amichai Lau-Lavie: 40 ways in 40 days to find your focus

Day 13: Swiss or Israeli?


“But the work of self-improvement, – always under our nose, nearer than the nearest, is seldom engaged in…a few, few hours in the longest life.” (Emerson)


I started going through my address book today. Books really –outlook, facebook, skype, company directory, family tree, googlegroups. Some are personal and some professional and many overlap. It’s a lot of people. And it’s a bit much. Perhaps when our ancestors came up with the suggested methods for preparing for the new year and included ‘make peace with your neighbors’ they didn’t think that one could have so many people in multiple networks. I gave it 60 minutes today and got through B. This is a time consuming and emotional activity, no doubt. But I liked it – flagged some, wrote quick notes to others, deleted some, added some, remembered who’s in my life and why. It’s a counting of blessings. But it is super time consuming.

So: Option 1: I COULD commit to doing this thoroughly, the comprehensive method, Swiss style, walk the talk, and take a diligent hour a day for this clean up work – making my way through the alphabet of my people by Yom Kippur.


Or, Option 2: I can take the more intuitive and easy route and take some time today and tomorrow to let my memory retrieve the few most urgent, important names of people I need to reach out to make amends, and settle for that. Israeli style.


Either way, this is, I think, the task of these days, to do the work of self-improvement. Start right under our nose. And tomorrow I’ll decide what to do.


Suggestions, dear reader? Swiss or Israeli? Other options??

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