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Sep 13/Elul 20

Asking for help can be terrifying for all sorts of good and lousy reasons. Our comfort zone is such that seeming vulnerable and needing help or guidance from another can propel us into spirals of misery and shame and often unnecessary suffering. And then there’s HELP pages online that often confuse more than clarify for me but maybe that’s just because I lose my patience far too fast? I’ve been finding ways to ask for help in ways that feel good, and, well, really helpful.


For years I’ve found it difficult to ask for help with directions in a foreign place. I’d stumble with maps, walk miles in wrong directions, only to not appear like a foreigner or fool and rely on my own common sense, despite prior proof to the contrary…  Then came GPS’s and made all these simple interactions with locals seem almost arcane. But this past summer, in a relatively remote corner of Brazil, with little Portuguese and no digital access, I was lost and found with the aid of hand gestures, big smiles and the kindness of strangers. I reactivated the nobility of asking, politely and with confidence, for help. There’s more work in this department – with other people, with my self, with the powers that be.

But Brazil was a good reminder of how humbling it is to ask for help from those we know or not, get over our pride and fear of seeming needy and reach out to those who can help us with our happiness, big or small, knowing we can be for another in return.

Today’s PREPENT, about half way to YK, is about getting out of more familiar patterns and taking tiny risks to get our of the comfort zone, face fears and push ourselves a little further.

What do you need help with these days,  and who will you turn to, with humility, gratitude, honesty? I need help with some electricity fix up in the garden, financial stuff, matchmaking (see me privately please..) and a few simple tech needs.  Thank you in advance dear helpers. I’m here for you as well.

S.O.S FYI – does NOT stand for any words at all. Who knew?
Shavua Tov.




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