High Holy Days Journey with Amichai Lau-Lavie: 40 ways in 40 days to find your focus  




How happy are you, on a 1-10 scale?

This question led to this journey, now 21 days in, on the path to focus, clarity, and a higher score on the happiness score. Benchmark data/mid-way: Day by day – but on the whole, this prepent blog is helping me focus, commit to the daily routine of exercise, reflection – making each day count for something of progress. Happier? Yes, perhaps.  Def. more fit.

So pause to look back on what so far came up, and what’s left to deal with. Re-view the 3 weeks old map:



Day 1. Take a long look in mirror, full length: who I am now and who I want to become. 



2. EAT better: look at my plate: pause to consider my eating habits


3. List #1: 3 things that I regularly or randomly do and regret?


4.  Express Gratitude.


5.  Make Your Own Sabbath. Slow down.


6. List #2: focus on ONE ITEM from your list of THREE things you want to change in your life. What are three steps you can take to help this ONE change happen?


7. FIX. Fix something today.


8. How can I make a difference in someone’s life today?


9. Fight your inner enemy: what stops you from change?

10. Start a daily 20 minutes physical work out routine. Report to somebody on it. Pass it on.


11. List #3: Blacklist: make a list of 5 people with whom some check in is required.


12.  Deal with your blacklist. At least one name on the list – email, phone, resolution if possible.


13. Start going through address books for edits.


14. List #4: who’s spotting my back? Who’s there to help me with my blind spots when I need?



15. List #5: wish list: ten people you love in your life and wish to spend more time with this coming year:



16. Make wish list happen: concrete plans with a few from wish list – actual dates this fall. Carve time for play.


17. List#6: 5 things I am ashamed of in life.


18. Deal with debts


19. Consider your therapy – or any ongoing process of reflection you regularly engage in- what can be improved?


20.  Play yard sale: get rid of stuff from closets and shelves. And hard-drive.


21. Review. Pause to look back. And plan ahead. What’s yet to be dealt with?



On this journey to a new page in a new year, feeling better about self, about change for the better – what’s left to examine?




God/faith, spiritual ecstasy, rage.



Medical check up

More shofar

New year cards

New anything




For those on the journey, what do YOU want to make sure happens on prepent before 5771 begins?




20 minutes update:  Back to trainer at the gym. 70 min. weights/cardio.

Day 20 8.29 YARD SALE
Day 22 8.31 LIGHTS OUT