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9/18 Elul 23


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The people of Scotland will vote today on what may have great ramifications not only to Great Britain but also to many other nations and people around the world seeking their own Independence away from familiar and/or historical bonds and binds that both protect and sometimes smother. (Did I just write smother or mother? Hi Freud.)


I am not educated enough on the facts (here’s one good source on what’s at stake here: PBS on Scotland Vote) and have little personal relationship with Scotland. ( I do like Scotch, and plaid, and men in skirts, and human independence, and haunted castles overlooking lakes with monsters, so so on bagpipes, but that’s about it.) But, like many of us, am in favor of people and nations expressing themselves and demanding the right to independent identity that celebrates unique self beyond one-size-fit-all empire style mentality. Not that being on your own and taking on your own sovereign self is not without serious responsibility and risks.

Yes or No. A future on the balance. It’s inspiring and daunting. The power we have to change reality.

Less than a week before the new Jewish year, with its impending deadline of ‘how are you living your life’ this Scotland thing also serves us as reminder on our path to new and improved living. Where in my life am i tethered to an old ideal of who I am and who or what controls my sense of self? What can I do about it? What are the costs, gains, road blocks?


Here’s one telling question from a recent ‘wellbeing’ questionnaire I had to fill out:


On the whole, I am satisfied with myself: Strongly Agree/Agree/Disagree/Strongly Disagree

Based on your honest answer – what’s one thing you can do today to move towards more satisfaction with self? Towards a bit more YOU and bit less WE.


If reading this in Scotland (?) Go vote! I raise a glass of finest Single Malt from Scottish highlands in honor of the human will to live and grow and thrive and challenge reality for progress and more equality for all. Come what may. God Bless the Queen. All Gods. All Queens. Everywhere.

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