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Sep 22/ Elul 27

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When I was a kid I’d get into action over the summer and make collage-style rosh hashana cards for family and friends. The year I got a hold of a bunch of old New Yorker magazines was a particularly big hit. My mother still keeps that card on her wall, 35 years later… And this year, the collage I made with my kids for her a few weeks ago hangs there as well.


Sending Shana Tova cards goes back to the 14th century. Even with the rise of online – many are sticking to this lovely habit. Check out this 3 min. vid on the history of the custom ( and the evolution and near demise of its life in Israel)


Maybe too late today for a collage card and mail send in time for the new year’s beginning but not too late to pick up the phone, or compose a truly thoughtful note or create a greeting card online to send to your list of top ten people with whom you want to share a personal moment of blessing, intention, hope, solidarity, magical thinking.  Take a moment to think of one or two words, particular wishes for this particular person, heart to heart.  Maybe pick a photo from your collection of this past year to share as well? easy.


Why? well, the joy of reaching out to others, holding hands at the crossroads before crossing into the new terrain of time, and nodding to each other with recognition of not taking anything for granted: we are here now. whew. onward.


I’ll do my personalized later tonight. But for now – here’s the one I came up with for Lab/Shul, going out today – and here’s to you: Get some rest this year my friend – for body, mind, and soul. the rest is truly details.


Shana Tova!


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