High Holy Days Journey with Amichai Lau-Lavie: 40 ways in 40 days to find your focus




When my mother was a little girl, her older sister Evelyn used to wake her up in the middle of the night and make her clean up her room: ‘What if the Queen was to visit in the morning?’

‘The Auntie Evelyn Standard’ of cleanliness is a bit too much on the oppressive compulsive for my taste, but this morning I woke up with her voice in my head: Royalty is coming to visit. Or, at least, that is one way to think about the New Year, the Holy Day, the new page about to turn: important visitors are coming, within, and for real.

So I got up early and cleaned up that heap of clothing on the chair in my bedroom, and the laundry pile, and the kitchen sink. Nothing major. More comprehensive cleaning will follow in the next few days – sink, bed, heart, body, mind.

But Auntie Evelyn (who, God bless her, is still alive and well in her late 90’s and goes to bed with full makeup on ‘just in case’) can now visit and inspect. And also my mother (I wish). And, the visitors, within and for real, the regal presence of the New Year, the fresh scent of hope and love and happiness and best greetings and best foot forwards and a brand new day.

My intention, 29 days ago was to live cleanly.

Here we go.


Or, to quote Mary Poppins whose accent is very much like Auntie Evelyn’s: “with every job that must be done there is an element of fun –you find the fun and POOF the job’s a game..”

Clean up some mess today.

 Etc. happy cleaning. We’re almost t/here.



20 min. update: off to the gym now…

Day 28 9. 6 FIND POETRY
Day 30 9.8 DIP