Day 29

Sep 24/ Elul 29


Yesterday I sat on the subway in a sad/bad/mad mood. They often go together. Why? mix of urgent cares and last minute pre new year rush and a tinge of lonely and a so far dissapointing conversation that does not seem to lead to romance. Expectations lead to suffering, taught the Buddha and yet it’s hard to let the expectations go. Right? So there I was sitting on a crowded subway car mad at myself for being sad on the last night of the year.

And then my eye caught this wink, printed in big letter right in front of me, on a vinyl bag held by a women oblivious to my revelation, who was talking loudly to another woman sitting next to her.


‘Be OK with where you are even if you know you want to change”


There were other feel-good statements too but this one really caught my eye and made my smile and, yes, feel better.


So I’m passing it on.

Today, as this year and all its blessings and challenges, births and deaths, wars and weddings, joys and oys wraps up, count your blessings. Just sit there quietly and let the good news roll onto your tongue and name them, thanking whatever power in the world enables you to reap the bounty. Focus on what IS, the glass half full, no matter what is happening on the other side.


Science proves it: we get to create our own dopamin and pull ourselves out of whatever rut to feel better about ourselves, and life, and what’s up ahead: Happiness- DIY – a great little article from yesterday’s HuffPo (thanks for sharing, Sarah!)


Thank you lady with a vinyl bag. Thank you all blessings big and small. Thank you fear and sorrow and worry and grief for shaking me up. Thank you friends for reading, caring, responding, reminding, rekindling the light of life in our multi branched candelabra of celebration.
Shana Tova!

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