How about some real Magic making this Hanukkah to make some DIY miracles and real changes in the world?
Every candle lit is another way to focus on creating change in the world, adding light to where there is darkness, celebrating the power of change and transformation. It doesn’t happen overnight: Eight nights of focus and more light get us closer. Here’s how, 4 simple steps:
1. Light Up! Your menorah, that is. Starting tonight with one candle. Any menorah or candle will do. Better with others (even if you Skype them in)
2. Make a Wish: As you light, focus on the flame and on one source of darkness in your life or in the world that you would like to fix. Don’t blow out the candle.
3. Magic Spell: There are already blessings created generations ago to mark this magic making moment. Check out two new adaptations of the words to sing or recite as the candles are lit.
Lab/Shul God Optional Hanukkah Blessings version here
and RRC/RitualWell’s version with focus for each night here.
4. Snap: Take a photo of your lit candle and share with the world to celebrate light and hope.  Sing something.
Easy on the latkes!
Let’s make miracles happen and turn ON the lights.
Happy #HanukkahFirstNight from Lab/Shul
Amichai Lau-Lavie
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