Thank you for choosing to join me and artist Jacqueline Nicholls on this 40 day journey into a new year. I hope these reflections on the ripples of our being inspire private introspection and public conversation. Here’s today’s post:

Prepent Day 40

40 days ago we cast a circle. Like Honi the circle-maker we each stood inside our circle of intentions, declaring that we wouldn’t emerge until the rains connected us to our core and our thirst was quenched. Were you able to connect, if only briefly, to the blessings that rain symbolizes for you? Have you raised your cup of blessing, half full or overflowing, to drink?  Were these days of prepenting helpful even in some subtle way to bring you closer to a life more focused, balanced, appreciated, and sacred? 

We hope so. 

Deep gratitude to all who helped make this journey possible: Jacqueline Nicholls whose dedicated and talented love created this astonishing series of icons; Ezra Bookman, Jason Erick Taylor, Isabelle Raphael, and the Lab/Shul team for patient, wise, diligent editing and posting; our friends at the Forward for partnership in rippling these postings further out. 

Deep gratitude to each of you for traveling with us, for sharing comments. Please: take a minute to let us know what worked or what didn’t for you. Your reflections will be critical as we imagine this project for the future. Feel free to share any feedback to hello AT labshul DOT org with the subject line “PREPENT FEEDBACK.”

We are proud and happy to make this journey free for all and ask you to honor the artistry and dedication with a heartfelt tax-deductible gift to support our artist-driven community and ensure our ability to keep on providing art, heart, wisdom and circles, all year round. Thank you:

This circle will now be opened, but as our witch sisters say, may it be unbroken. Let this journey of reflection and commitment to the life of good continue further, rippling into this year ahead.

Shana Tova.

– Rabbi Amichai

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Very excited for Lab/Shul’s fifth season of High Holy Days, back in Tribeca. We invite all ages to return to center, recharge soul, reclaim community and co-create our widening circles of care, compassion and justice.

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