40 of 40

October 4/Tishrei 10


40 days ago we began the journey to the Holy of Holies, within.  We examined aspects of our life committed not to repeat but repair that which needs fine tuning to make our life more balanced, happy, helpful, present.

Today we get to go inside should we choose to for full impact correctional launch.


Welcome within, to your holy of holies.


Enter in peace.


Once here, locate your operational reset button, take a deep breath, and gently press it.

take your time to be here quietly, eye to eye with your higher self. I to I.

Offer gratitude for what is. Raise your vision for what better may look like.


Exit in peace.


Gmar Chatima Tova:May we all be sealed in the book of good living this next year, live our lives with love and intention, gratitude and guts, humility and humor, balance and belief in the holiness of every moment, every step, every breath.
Thank you for the journey.

39 or 40: feast pre fast: slow food, not fast, focus on now not tomorrow
Post Prepent: how was your journey? curious to know highlights and get feedback. Thank You.