Social cues, local laws, religious regulations and general common sense govern our actions and generally keep us out of trouble and jail and in sync with our surroundings. The defiance of norm as an expression of individual choice and independent flavor is anything from a fashion choice to political statement, driving too fast or refusing to diet. Society has strong pulls. The journey of self-growth requires, sometimes, pulling in other directions. When, this past year, did I stand up for a truth or an opinion that was perhaps not so popular or appreciated but got me to express my truth, my self? When were the trangsgressions sacred?


Today I’m starting the school year, clean new notebooks, white shoes are stashed away, beginning the second week of PREPENT journey into the new year. I embrace the norms of school and law and order and harvest and honor moments from my year that were about coloring outside the lines with good intentions.


The moment that comes up is recent: showing up to the Stand with Israel rally in front of the UN this past July, with a sign calling to ‘stand with Israel, Mourn with Gaza, Cease the Fire, Seize the Peace’. It got ugly ugly . But a truth was spoken and I’m glad for it, honor the memory, file it away: 5774/harvest.


Labor Liberated. Reclaim. #prepent 5775.
You Just Call Out My Name. Prepent 9 of 40: Harvest Friendships. #prepent5775


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