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The drive from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv is 45 min and tonight I made this journey as I’d done on countless days and nights before, listening to the interview I had with On Being’s Krista Tippet several months ago, which went live online today. I cried for some of it, especially the stories about my father that I’d forgotten I’ve shared with her. It was strange to hear my voice, recorded in New York City, retelling my childhood in Israel as I’m driving through that very landscape, keenly aware of how both Israel and I are still the same and yet so very different. It is a huge honor and privilege to engage in thoughtful dialogue with someone like Krista who is deeply attuned to what’s ailing and may be of healing to our selves and to our society. I hope you will enjoy our conversation and look forward to continuing many deep ones on these and other topics with many of you.

Here’s one snippet. You can listen or read the rest HERE. I welcome your comments, questions and feedback, email me at

Shabbat Shalom,


“I think we’re starving for the sacred in so many ways. In the Jewish world, there’s this renaissance of various attempts to both bring social justice and human dignity and spirituality and practice and wisdom to the forefront. And it takes reimagining of what we have to offer and how we get to mix and match with other traditions. And that is a historical precedent that I think we are now waking up to, understanding how radical it is that you and I are having this conversation and that Muslim leaders and Buddhist leaders and Zen leaders and Shinto leaders and indigenous leaders— we’re all mixing and matching our tools. And the trick is, how do we keep and retain our indigenous wisdom while having these labs and these conversations where we get to play and share and expand the we.”

Rabbi Amichai during On Being Interview, January 2017.


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