Amichai’s Top 50/36 B’shem Ha’Shem The Angel Song. בשם ה

“In the name of the Divine: Angelic Beings Surround me.
Michael on the right, Gabriel on the left, Uriel in front, Rafael behind, and the Divine Presence overhead.”

My first memory: Age 4, on my uncle’s desk at his home on a Saturday night and Reb Shlomo Carlebach is playing his guitar and singing and I struggle to stay awake. Over the years I’ve come to know Reb Shlomo personally, learn from him, sing with him, integrate his melodies and intentions into my spiritual and very intimate being.
In recent years and #metoo, Carlebach’s legacy is tarnished – but not the power of his prayers, intentions and music. Time will tell. With the concern and pain – I remain grateful for the portals he opened for me and for multitudes.

This prayer/song comes from the bedtime prayers — surrounding myself as with a mandala of protection – with angels and with the divine presence overhead – before submitting to sleep. Of all the prayers I’d say at bedtime as a kid – this one still sticks. And this tune often comes back. When my oldest child was in hospital as a baby I’d sing this to her over and over, soothing her, me, the room.

This past week a horrible fire demolished the village that Reb Shlomo and his community have built since the 70’s in the hills of Jerusalem. All support to help the families, many are dear friends, can be found here:

Shabbat Shalom. May homes be rebuilt and sleep comes easy to all.

– Amichai

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