Amichai’s Top 50/40. “Midnight Radio”

“Know in your soul
Like your blood knows the way
From your heart to your brain
Know that you’re whole
And you’re shining
Like the brightest star
A transmission
On the midnight radio
And you’re spinning
Like a 45
Dancing to your rock and roll”

I was lucky, one night in 1999, to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch at the Jane hotel, Off Broadway. Wow.

The rest is herstory. Theirstory? Big story.

The soundtrack was memorized. The wig worn, the story celebrated. John Cameron Mitchell became a friend and mentor. Of all the songs – Midnight Radio became this anthem that deeply resonates still. Lift Up Your Hands.

An anthem to us. Thanks JCM!

– Amichai

Amichai’s Top 50: Soundtrack of my life. 4/20-6-8 2019/Passover-Shavuot 5779

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