Watch Rabbi Amichai’s Rosh Hashanah 5784 sermon at Lab/Shul.

The world seems like a very narrow bridge these days with more uncertainty facing us – so what will help us cross whatever bridges come our way – and with enthusiasm??

In defiance of authoritarian and divisive voices that threaten democracy worldwide: We show up. Fearless. We show up because when supremacy raises its fear-fueled head anywhere it’s on all of us everywhere to raise our heads up high in support of values that defy all forms of authoritarian hate – white supremacy, Jewish supremacy — it’s on us to rise up. To mobilize. To support. And yes – to sing as loudly as we can.

I invite us to sing this prayer-protest song together, tonight, in a bit – in solidarity, with hope- and with resolve to face our fears – to be better at being brave. Perhaps even fearless. Together – with a song on our lips, fearless, we show up.

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