PREPENT DAY 12: My last Brioche, for now: Do or Die or Diet

Elul 12 5775  – August 27 2015
The word ‘diet’ comes from  the Latin diaeta – “prescribed way of life,” from Greek diaita, originally “way of life, regimen”, related to diaitasthai “lead one’s life,” and from diai…

As seen on Lab/Shul

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PREPENT DAY 9: We’ll Always Have Paris? Seize your Moment Now.

PREPENT DAY 9: Elul 9 5775 – August 24 2015 Paris When Vera was 20, sometimes in the early 70’s, on her journey away from the Hasidic home where she grew up in Borough Park to becoming a political powerhouse, she’d carry a small bottle of expensive French perfume in her purse – just in […]

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