I’ve long believed that one of the most promising avenues to apply design skills and creativity to is in designing communities, social rituals, and spiritual practice that suits the modern world. And, as such, there’s no one I can think of that exemplifies this better than Rabbi Amichai Lau-Lavie. I think this conversation, which is full of wisdom and fun, is a great introduction to exactly the type of spiritual design we need to see more of. So let’s jump right in with Rabbi Amichai Lau-Lavie. – Eran Dror

Check out Rabbi Amichai on the latest episode of Eran Dror’s podcast Remake – a podcast about Design, Systems, and Society.

In this conversation Rabbi Amichai and Eran talk about:

  • How the Jewish concept of the set table served both as a happy early memory, and as an organizing principle for his later work.
  • How Covid 19 made rituals and online communities more important than ever.
  • His orthodox roots as the scion of an ancient and respected rabbinical dynasty, and his journey of self discovery through theater, drag, and art.
  • His creation of storytelling, a way to bring to life the ancient ritual of the reading of the Torah, and the Maven Method he developed to spread the practice further.
  • The emergence of Lab/Shul and the community around it.
  • The power of spiritual design and a well-designed practice in transforming our lives and our communities for the better.

And also discuss:

  • How is religion used as a tool in the service of humanity?
  • What happens if you bring scripture to the 21st century as a performance?
  • Why is the tribal wisdom of small circles within a bigger circle so important?

Listen to the full conversation here!

Perhaps There is Hope: Kol Nidrei 5782 Sermon
רֵ֘אשִׁ֤ית חָכְמָ֨ה - סדרת מפגשי גילוי, מדרש, שירה ושיחה -פרשת 'וישלח'