50 days of daily dietary disciplined reflections.
Omer Count 2018/5778

I invite you join my annual 50 days long OMER COUNT conversation, counting each day from Passover to Shavuot (March 31-May 19 2018), as a response to the question:

What do I leave behind me each day, what are my leftovers?

What’s the Omer Count? Starting on the first day of Passover we begin the annual countdown of seven weeks from the midnight of the Passover redemption to the midnight of the Shavuot revelation on Mount Sinai. Shavuot literally means ‘weeks’ – the culmination of this 7X7 count.
Developed over centuries, this period known officially as “Counting of the Omer” has evolved from an biblically mandated agricultural tool to a more loosely interpreted mystical application.
Omer is Hebrew for ‘a sheath of wheat’: What was once about a way to plan a better harvest of grain has become a way of focusing on what matters most in our inner lives, what counts each day. It is an exercise in daily discipline, a way to chart our humble attempt at progress from the narrow places within us to the highest summits of our aspirations.

I like the Omer countdown because it helps me ground and take a time out for this focused daily task. In recent years I co-created the Omer count online with my friend the London based, wonderful visual artist Jacqueline Nicholls.
We’ll be doing it again this year, and you can join the count journey on my instagram and
FB page
Each day I’ll reflect on one crumb from a meal or snack I ate – what, whom with, what’s left over – food and food for thought. I’ll post an image and brief paragraph online, and Jacqueline will respond with original art and her reflections on mine – once a week.

Join us HERE to make each day count, to honor what’s left over, to ask big questions and travel together from where we were to where we are headed, one step, reflection, crumb, memory, and day at a time.

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