Thank you for choosing to join me and artist Jacqueline Nicholls on this 40 day journey into a new year. I hope these reflections on the ripples of our being inspire private introspection and public conversation. Here’s today’s post:

Prepent Day 12

Draw a current family map, a simple drawing. Like little kids bring home from school and you get their version of who’s who in the constellation, who’s absent or surprisingly huge, who is holding hands. On this first day of a new week and last weekend of summer, focus on family, whatever that means to you, knowing well how complex and important these relationships often are to our wellbeing. Breathe. Pick paper, crayons, and let the map reveal: With whom would a conversation be helpful, to make up, fess up, or just catch up? With whom is it easy and worthy of a quick text of gratitude? With whom does it hurt, requiring, with best intentions, to pick up the phone?

– Rabbi Amichai

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Very excited for Lab/Shul’s fifth season of High Holy Days, back in Tribeca. We invite all ages to return to center, recharge soul, reclaim community and co-create our widening circles of care, compassion and justice.

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