Thank you for choosing to join me and artist Jacqueline Nicholls on this 40 day journey into a new year. I hope these reflections on the ripples of our being inspire private introspection and public conversation. Here’s today’s post:

Prepent Day 34

“In God We Trust” is written on our money, but for many of us how we handle our finances is a source of stress…or at least in need of more careful managing. Do we trust? How are the two related? It isn’t just that we do or don’t have what we need to live, to thrive. For some of us, often in secret, and with shame, not making ends meet is a reality. But on this last week of Prepent, days before our circle opens, I’m putting hand to heart in thinking not about what I don’t have but how I handle what I do have. Sure, I’ll pray and plead for abundance, but where do I fall short in dealing with what’s in my pocket right now? We don’t always have the dedicated discipline to know what’s enough and how to wisely allocate for our needs and for those of others. How many of us tithe as biblically commanded? How many of us leave our homes each day with loose change to hand out? Today I focus on the divinity of the dollar and how to activate my wallet as an extension of my highest will towards more balanced, wiser, sacred and generous living. What’s just one disciplined practice I can commit to moving forward, and inward, into the deepest vault of goodness?

– Rabbi Amichai

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Very excited for Lab/Shul’s fifth season of High Holy Days, back in Tribeca. We invite all ages to return to center, recharge soul, reclaim community and co-create our widening circles of care, compassion and justice.

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