Thank you for choosing to join me and artist Jacqueline Nicholls on this 40 day journey into a new year. I hope these reflections on the ripples of our being inspire private introspection and public conversation. Here’s today’s post:

Prepent Day 5

“Are you taking care of your body?” A doctor asks and I pause to ponder a seemingly simple question. Who is the “I” that is taking care of my body? Or is it the other way around and IS there a difference? This new week of Prepent begins with a focus on the inner circle of being and what’s in need of fixing. Am I taking good care of my body? A wise woman once taught me to hear: Where does it hurt? And then: How will I will my own healing?

– Rabbi Amichai

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Very excited for Lab/Shul’s fifth season of High Holy Days, back in Tribeca. We invite all ages to return to center, recharge soul, reclaim community and co-create our widening circles of care, compassion and justice.

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