Doc Edge Festival: Sabbath Queen International Premiere

June 27th @8:15pm – Lumiere Cinema, Christchurch
June 30th @3:30pm – Alice Cinema, Christchurch
July 7th @8:30pm – The Capitol Cinema, Aukland
July 7th @8:30pm – The Roxy Cinema 1, Wellington
July 15th – 31st – Virtual Cinema, New Zealand

SABBATH QUEEN, a feature documentary filmed over 20 years, follows Rabbi Amichai Lau-Lavie’s epic journey as the dynastic heir of 39 generations of Orthodox rabbis including the Chief Rabbis of Israel.

He is torn between rejecting and embracing his traditional destiny and becomes a drag-queen rebel, a queer bio-dad, and the founder of Lab/Shul. SABBATH QUEEN joins Amichai on a lifelong quest to creatively and radically reinvent religion and ritual, champion interfaith love and challenge patriarchy and right-wing orthodoxies. The film interrogates what Jewish survival means in a difficult rapidly changing 21st century.

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