Heirlooms: 7 Sessions Study Series with Rabbi Amichai Lau-Lavie

7:00-9:00 PM ET

What’s the History of the Seven Most Popular Jewish Symbols and their Secrets of Spiritual Survival?

For 3,000 years, across continents, Jews have adapted to shifting civilizations and cultures, creating essential and symbolic household objects that refine Jewish life and define Judaic legacy.

Join Rabbi Amichai Lau-Lavie for a series of seven interactive online study sessions exploring these essential Judaic objects, their surprising histories and enduring purpose as practical portals for personal growth and communal connection.

The seven heirlooms offered in this course are not the only ones that matter, but explored together, through post-patriarchal and critical lenses, each has old secrets and new stories for us to learn from and celebrate.

*This study series was formerly titled ‘Secret Seven’. You can join single, any or all sessions.


Oct 16 – Threshold Amulet: Why the Mezuzah Guards our Doorways

Oct 23 – Sabbath Table : Gastro-Judaic Secret Recipes to Survival of Stomach & Soul

Oct 30 – Prayer Shawl: The Semitic Second Skin

Nov 13 – Sunrise, Sunset: Secrets of the -Solar Lunar Calendar

Dec 4 – Super Star of David: What’s the Story of the Six Pointed Star?

Dec 11 – Light my Fire: (Hanukkah) – Why Fire is the Heart and Hearth of Sacred Jewish Time

Dec 18 – Outside the Charity Box: How to Cultivate Communal Care


Single session: $40 / $32 for partners
Full series: $250 / $200 for partners

Lab/Shul is committed to being everybody friendly. If finances are an issue for you at this time, please contact hello@labshul.org and we will make it work!

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