Wrestling with October 7 and its Aftermath

Thursday, May 9th at 7:45 pm

Minyan M’at, an egalitarian kahal at Ansche Chesed, is thrilled to sponsor a series of panels devoted to exploring issues that affect our community after the horrors of October 7 and Israel’s response.  Outstanding Jewish thinkers will come together to talk about Jewish communal responses to October 7, the role of Zionism for Diaspora Jewry, the role of “Jewish Progressives”, and how we should think about prayer in a time of war.

Each panel will have a multiplicity of voices and viewpoints on one particular topic.  The idea is to have a panel that includes those with whom we may not agree, so the discussion leads to a better understanding of the issues.

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Fourth Panel: “Jewish Prayer in a Time of War: For Whom and Why?”

  • Rabbi Tali Adler, Faculty, Hadar
  • Rabbi Dianne Cohler-Esses, Rabbi and Director of Lifelong Learning at Romemu
  • Rabbi Amichai Lau-Lavie, Founding Spiritual Leader Lab/Shul
  • Moderated by Ellen Braitman, Bloomberg LP

FREE and open to the public with registration.

Panels are held at Ansche Chesed, 251 West 100th St, NY NY 10025 on the Upper West Side