Lit the first night of Chanukah tonight at the Educational Alliance’s Weinberg Nursing Home in the East Village – Russian-Jewish, Chinese- American seniors – and a bunch of families celebrating a B Mitzvah with Storahtelling in the next year. We sang in Hebrew, English, Russian, Yiddish and two dialects of Chinese.  Tonight’s version of Chanukah was about all people seeking freedom and dignity – all over the world and at all times. 

Tonight’s intention – be each other’s light at the end of the tunnel – combat loneliness and what is so often the lack of dignity of old age in our culture. 

My charity of choice tonight: my friends at The Educational Alliance – a non-profit org. restoring people’s dignity all over downtown NYC for over 100 years.  
$18. Here we go. My little gIft to agents of light each night. 

Match me. What’s YOUR cause to occupy darkness of dignity worldwide tonight? 

One more candle lighting to go in Brooklyn… 


EIGHT VS. HATE/CHANUKAH 2011/ Occupy Darkness
Night 2 of 8 VS. Hate: Occupy GREED