REBBETZIN HADASSAH GROSS is an international lecturer and motivational speaker with expertise in the Hebraic Oral Tradition, Hasidic teachings, and Practical Kabbalah. She’s “Older than Moses; Younger than Spring.”

In 2013, after dedicated service to the global community, Rebbetzin Gross embarked upon a dangerous, and perhaps final mission to rescue the Divine Feminine from the clutches of patriarchy, deep within the depths of the Dead Sea. Watch here >

May she return, successful.

More about the Rebbetzin:

Born in Budapest, Hungary in the mid 1920’s, Hadassah Myrtle Gross is descended from an illustrious Hasidic dynasty of dancers. She is the widow of six prominent rabbis and has established herself in the global Jewish community and beyond as a personal soul-trainer to the pious elites.

Hadassah is “radiant! An elegant creature in Italian shoes and tailored clothes” (The Forward) and is called “part of a broadening, unconventional movement to teach Torah and prayer to an ever-growing audience across America” (Jerusalem Report).

She has appeared before thousands worldwide in venues such as BAMcafe, The Ashkenaz Festival for New Yiddish Culture (Toronto), The Museum of Jewish Heritage, JCC Manhattan, JCC San Francisco, Burning Man Festival 2003, Lansky Lounge (NYC), the Belt Theater (NYC), Echo Club (LA) and the Limmud NY Conference. Hadassah was featured in the Channel 10 Israeli TV series “The Search for the 10 Commandments”, (March 2005), and in a feature cover article for Ha’Aretz Magazine (October 2004).