In Love We Trust: Post Tribal Life Lessons from Leonard Cohen’s Legacy, Marking 50 Years since the Yom Kippur War

How can we restore trust and love in a world torn by so much discord and unknowns?

Leonard Cohen’s hit song “Lover, Lover, Lover” , written on the frontlines of the 1973 war in the Sinai desert, teaches us how to go beyond tribal loyalties towards shared humanism, how to reimagine our relationship with the sacred, and repair our relationships.

This year, amid dramatic demands for democracy and justice, this song becomes our anthem. David Broza joins Rabbi Amichai to sing and teach with an invitation to reclaim religion on our terms, to reimagine and to rename God beyond the tired and toxic and troubled titles that for many of us are more baggage than blessing.

Words build worlds and together we restore our faith and trust. Featuring Leonard Cohen’s “Lover Lover Lover” performed by David Broza

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