“I’m proud of my Jewish heritage, our agility and ability to grow and evolve. While we celebrate our legacy we must always wrestle with the parts of us that have been hurt and are now hurting ourselves and others. As an Israeli-American, queer father, peace activist and artist, second-generation to the trauma of the holocaust, I am committed to compassionate and creative solutions that will enable safety, sovereignty and serenity to all people living in Israel and Palestine. .

I’m determined never to give up on hope that we will forge a path of peace, together, a road of repair and reconciliation for Israelis and Palestinians, and for people torn by this rupture, everywhere.

Never Again for me, today, means never again for anyone. Only together can we survive and thrive. Never again means we are all equally sacred and held to the highest standards – by all, and for all.

Today I lift my voice calling to an end to this current wave of violence and rage, to an urgent and brave new chapter for our peoples, with international support, a negotiated bilateral ceasefire that would release the hostages, stop the warfare, increase humanitarian aid and start planning the safer future that we believe in and desperately deserve.

I choose the side of humanity.”

-Rabbi Amichai Lau-Lavie, January 2024

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