Like many who have lost a parent, I have taken on the daily obligation to recite the mourners’ kaddish in honor of my father’s memory.
And, like many other mourners, I have found that while this is a moving moment of memory and awe, it isn’t always easy for some of us to find the right quorum of ten or more that will embrace us in our mourning and humanity just the way we are.
So. I’m taking on one way to invite those of us who are mourning for a loved one, and those of us who stand in solidarity and love, to join me at a new monthly Kaddish Club. Thursday night, January 29th 2015
Organized by Lab/Shul, this new monthly circle will offer conversation, contemplation and the recitation of the mourners’ prayer.
We’ll be meeting in private homes, exploring poetry and prose, tools and traditions, addressing the meaning of mourning and the paths to healing.The event is free. Location will be sent to those who register.

Please join us for the first Kaddish Club Thursday night, January 29th 2015, 7-9pm Sign up here.

*You don’t have to be a mourner – or Jewish- to join, with love.

May memories become blessing.

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