Joy Proposal

Rabbi Amichai Lau-Lavie’s ground breaking approach to interfaith marriage

The JOY Proposal, published in 2017, discusses evolving attitudes and challenges regarding intermarriage within the Jewish community, particularly in North America. It explores the tension between traditional Jewish law (halacha) and modern values of inclusivity and love – reflecting on Rabbi Amichai’s personal experiences engaging with couples seeking interfaith weddings, and the ethical and theological dilemmas posed.

Rabbi Amichai revisits historical and halachic models to find solutions that balance tradition with inclusivity. Drawing parallels to the acceptance of LGBTQ+ individuals within Judaism, the JOY Proposal advocates for a nuanced approach that honors tradition while adapting to modern realities and a call for compassion, love, and a commitment to Jewish values.

Watch Rabbi AmichaI’s speech during Joy Proposal Launch in 2017 >