I’ve been reading through a collection of books on mourning, grief, kaddish and the spiritual doorway that death provides. This quote caught my eye today – on the new moon that is erupting, with hopes of spring and renewal.  Today according to a minority opinion of the rabbinic sages is the day on which we celebrate the birth of the trees. The more popular opinion prevailed – the official Jewish birthday of trees is on the full moon of this coming month, not the crescent moment of potential. Today, I’ll honor both and every phase of the moon and life and mystery.



“In Brooklyn.. a rabbi is discoursing about the blessing of the New Moon. He cites a law: “The blind are required to bless the moon.” The blind, even though it is the sighting of the moon that is the occasion for the blessing. I think to myself: This is exactly the predicament of the mourner. He must bless what is wonderful even though he cannot see it. 

The knowledge of a thing is more decisive than the sight of it. ” 

From Leon Wiesletier’s “Kaddish”


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