This is night 2 of the 8 vs. hate Chanukah blog that was started yesterday. read the intro here: https://amichai.me/eight-vs-hatechanukah-2011-occupy-darkness.html
Last night, as the candles met gravity at the third and last of my candle lighting parties I took the time to sit and stare and found myself sobbing, oh, for all sorts of reasons. I was kindly held by a good friend and it helped a lot.


The darkness, we agreed later, is also beautiful, a chance to ‘go there’ and note what is the personal/spiritual work we have each to take on so that days and nights are brighter for ourselves – and for each other.


I don’t wont to just be the downer this Chanukah – just to take a few minutes out of each night for this fragile focus and fix. Then party on.


Tonight is the second candle. I will light with my children and family, and then with the Storahtelling crew, and gifts will be shared. I didn’t grow up on Chanukah gifts – def. not one for each night. And I’m glad that my children aren’t getting those either. Excess is greed’s sister. We can all do with less of both.


Tonight’s intention: Occupy Greed. Take a moment to think of where in your life is the darkness of economic injustice, need, rage – and where is the opportunity for healing?
Like many other strong voices for social justice and equal opportunity for all, the Occupy Movement, now worldwide, is fighting the fight of the ancient Maccabees for freedom, dignity and justice.  I choose to support my siblings fighting this good fight tonight here: http://occupywallst.org/donate/


In the fight against greed – what is your cause/action tonight?







Lighting the Chanukah candles, like with most candles, is about as close as we get to magic: something actually happens and the light in the room really changes. Especially if one makes sure to turn off the lights. While the actual moment of lighting is not the best moment for serious reflection – the 30 min. or so that follow the lighting are ripe for the picking of serious focus, if brief.




NIGHT 3 of 8 VS. HATE: Occupy Disease