Night 3 of 8 VS. hate. Taking time to focus on the darkness of disease, mind and body and soul, and how to shine a light at the end of these tunnels.
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The longest night of the year is behind us but for many, long nights are still ahead, in and by sickbeds, and in it for win it and the ongoing noble fight for health and wellbeing.

one good way to start is by eating mindfully and with moderation during these holy days and nights. Easy on the latkes.
Next, continue by taking a few minutes after the candles are lit to think of who in our lives would need some light right now, and what do we ourselves need to be in better health?


Which darkness of disease will you light up tonight?


My gift tonight goes to The Children’s Tumor Foundation , with prayers and hopes for all our children.   What’s yours?


And in the fight for civic and financial health – the comrades are of occupy judaism are in back at Zucotti Park  tonight to light candle#3. 6pm: occupy chanukah



I’ll be in JFK this evening, off to the UK. I will light a virtual candle on my iphone and for the first time in my life am thinking maybe it will be nice to have a chabad guy at the airport with tin menorahs and a license to light?


Gezundheit. To health. To light.
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