There were moths in the kitchen. here and there, there and then, I’d crush them with little pity, cleaned up better, didn’t pay much attention. But in the last few days it was suddenly apparent that there were more of them – way more. An infestation. A quick search through the pantry (this was done already back in June) revealed more of them, and more of their corpses, and then, voila, a perfectly sealed box of rice that once opened revealed a revolting factory of moths, dense with larvae or whatever these little critters are called when they are young.

Off to the trash went the entire pantry this morning, including the spice rack and every last tea bag. I’ll spare you my Holocaust associations and simply note that zero tolerance is what was called for in the interest of a moth-free home. Sorry moths. Get lost.
Shame about the food that’s tossed away. Thankfully it wasn’t much and not that big a waste of money. Next steps – bay leaves apparently knock em out. glass jars. put bulk cereals in the freezer for 24 hours before storing in pantry, etc.
but for prepent purposes there is something here to learn as well.
The allegorical meaning of the moth in my life: there are problems waiting for solutions, festering away inside my pantry and my heart, tucked away, ignored or overlooked and slowly growing till treatment will be unavoidable. My zero tolerance for the moths this morning was inspired by the fact that it’s a brand new year and brings so many opportunities for bold changes and intentions. Also, there were just too many of them already. They are not evil, just trying to survive, but not on my turf.
What’s one decisive, complete, zero tolerance action that will clean my life for better that I can do today. I got rid of one more online account (down to three!) for starters. This journey is nearing its ending, and the urgency of walking the talking is as urgent as a box full of moths in the pantry of the soul. Clean up now.
Smile in the face of crisis. PREPENT5773. day 30.
Rub your belly, touch your heart (thanks Tiffany Shlain!) PREPENT 33


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