Dear fellow travelers,

Many weeks ago, when an extra layer in the morning was still not needed and the new year had not yet begun we started a journey into the holy of holies.


I am grateful to many of you who joined the prepent journey and took the time to share responses, reflections and inspirations.

This daily reflection helped me take this time of year seriously, make big and small decisions to better my life and get me in the right state of mind and heart for these precious moments. Check out my Kol Nidrei sermon, inspired by this o

I’d love to get some more feedabck – what worked or didn’t? which were your highlights? Do tweet suffice or did you want/need the longer blog text?

Any particular theme or focus you’d like to see next year?


much appreciated.


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Shana Tova! Looking forward to more journeys together soon – in person, online, etc.



40 of 40 You Are Here. Now. Welcome to the Holy of Holies. Here’s what to do here:
How to enter the Holy of Holies in your own backyard: Into Succot, with my YK sermon, in joy.