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Bad breath can be an issue, but bad breathing gets priority on the Prepent fix-it list. Day oneof this journey was about observing body weight, today is about the weightlessness that keeps us alive—though sometimes just barely.

I spent many years not breathing correctly, which resulted in shortness of breath and other related tensions. Even after yoga classes and meditation retreats—and countless other situations in which I was instructed to simply ‘take a deep breath’—I never quite figured out a consistent way to achieve better breathing.

As it turns out, a lot of us forget what we learned as children and aren’t getting enough oxygen into our bodies and brains. (Here’s a helpful TED talk on why that happens, and how it can be avoided.) A wake-up call a few months ago jolted me into action, and these days, with voice lessons and bike rides, I am slowly learning how to rewire my breathing patterns. I try to pause several times a day and take a few deep breaths—it’s so simple, and so easy to ignore.

The Sabbath descends this evening—the first one of this journey—and it’s a time to pause, unwind, unplug, exhale. Take a break, and catch your breath.

I commit to a daily minute of conscious breathing (here’s an easy guide). Care to share your mindful breathing tips?

shabbat shalom

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