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The prayer book fell to the floor, and M., a gawky teenage girl, leaned over from her chair, picked it up, and gently kissed the cover before returning the book to her lap. Sacred kissing is something that happens often in Jewish life—we kiss mezuzahs and Torah scrolls, holy books when they touch the ground, prayer shawl fringes, and even the exact spot in the Torah where we begin chanting.

And then there are the ways we kiss each other. On lips or cheeks or foreheads, gently on the hand, by blowing in the air, with passion or by rote, often or rarely. Kissing is a simple but powerful act symbolizing connection, greeting, respect, or desire—what Edmond Rostand called a ”message too intimate for the ear, infinity captured in the bee’s brief visit to a flower.”

Sometimes kissing is a scandal. My friend Idan Bitton just won a battle against YouTube who at first refused to let him upload his controversial video art: 87 min. long first kiss. The sight of two men kissing, and for that long, can def. push some buttons.

Prepent day 6: this process of reflection and refinement returns, once again, to how we feel and act in our bodies. How do you want to kiss, and be kissed, this year? The act can illustrate affection between lovers, but it’s also the poetic symbol for the connection between mind, body, and other forms of being in our lives.

“Kiss me from the kisses of your mouth,” she declares in the Song of Songs, and the mystic poets yearn for God to kiss them just like that.

No pressure. Take a couple of minutes today to think about the kissing that was and the ones that you wish for and who would love a kiss from you, starting with your self.

“I kiss my shoulder every morning,” J. tells me shyly, “it’s how I start the day.”

Give your next kiss, no matter what kind and to whom, with more intention. Let’s see what happens.

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