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Elul 7 5775 – August 22 2015


In preparing for this first Sabbath of the PREPENT journey I go back to basics. Jewish law in its most strict observance negates the use of electricity and such. I am not a strict observer, sorry mother, but I am sticking to the prohibition on the use of smartphones on Shabbat.

Like the rest of us, I am addicted to pings and updates and am grateful for the one day on which I am diverted from the planet and focus on who’s right in front of me, across the beautifully set table, on the lawn and on the couch.

Need inspiration to disconnect and reconnect: Here’s the master plans from my friends at Reboot: Sabbath Manifesto: UNPLUG. And here’s Tiffany Shlain’s unwavering commitment to how unplugging creates healthy family life: Tech Sabbath: The Future Starts Here.

Unplug Poster 2014_022814-09

Earlier this week I mentioned Oliver Sack’s Op-Ed piece on Sabbath in the New York Times as an inspired read on how to start making sense of one’s life when the end is near and reconnecting to what is precious and sacred. It’s worth a second read.

I am posting Prepent day 7 on day 6 to give us all a tech free Sabbath and a taste of what it may look like all next year with a stronger stand against the pinging and to presence just one day a week to fully present here and now.

Find your own way to the Sabbath rest that will save your inner life.

Shabbat Shalom.

– Amichai

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