In what do you trust?

The last new moon of 5783 shines in the sky tonight. The month of Elul is starting.

Do you still trust in that cycle, confident that the lunar calendar that has been guiding our ancestors for centuries will continue to do so for you and for future generations?

What DO you trust? Why does it matter?

Watch our BRAND NEW VIDEO to join our journey into the new year and add your own response to this critical question — in what do we trust?

Why this journey? 

Tonight’s new moon of Elul welcomes the last month of the Jewish year and the start of our annual 40 days of reflection and renewal, focusing on questions that will help us live more loving, thoughtful, healthy, happy and helpful lives.

We invite you today to PREPENT with us as we explore trust, and what it may mean for us to reclaim the word ‘God’ on our terms, whatever we do or don’t believe in, however and whatever we choose to trust. This is part of our over theme for this season and year – Havaya – Everpresence – reimagining what is sacred in our lives. (Read more about this journey and theme.)

Ready to PrePent

For the next 40 days, leading into Yom Kippur you can:

Today’s first two PrePent posts feature Naomi Less’s reflection on “Mystery” and Richie Barshay’s on “Breakfast”.

(Each Friday will feature two posts – with Saturdays off for the Sabbath.)

Welcome to PrePent!

Chodesh Tov (Happy New Month of Elul) and Shabbat Shalom.

Wishing us all a new moon of meaning and a Sabbath of bliss,

Rabbi Amichai & Naomi Less (Your Prepent Team 2023)

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