This is the last day of this PREPENT journey. The mountain has been
climbed, declimbed and goal achieved: I found more focus, entered the
new year with more clarity, intention, presence of heart and mind, and
more in the body. Check! I’m pleased and proud, and relieved. 

Where am I now?
At home in NYC, sitting at my desk, in between building a succah in
the backyard, doing homework for school and getting ready for the rest
of the year. 

40 days ago I was in love and in the beginning of what seemed like a
serious relationship but now it’s clearly over and the heart is
mending. Lots to learn here. 

37 days ago I started Rabbinical School. Going strong. 

35 days ago I stopped eating meat and converted to pesactrian – still
happening. Weight lost, feeling’s great. 

27 days ago Wall St became occupied. Getting bigger. 

18 days ago I got an Ipad. Easier on the commute to school. 

14 days ago the new year began. 

Today, I am here now. Grateful, a little gassy, super busy, but
feeling grounded and ready for the year. I think this PREPENT process
helps. I have no idea if anybody read each day or even many of them
(will you please let me know? thanks! your feedback really means so
much!!) but I’m glad I did it for me. Had there not been the public
duty I would have likely cut out earlier or missed a day or two. Thank
you all, for the encouragement, comments and support. I am so glad
this was helpful to others on the path. 

so, to close – 

Here is what I wrote 40 days ago, in the first post: 

“Ayeka – Where are you? 

On a blank screen or a sheet of paper, or anywhere and anyway you’d
like – ask yourself this ancient question and listen to what your soul
says and what is the one primary task ahead of you this year. The
journey begins, like all journeys, with a finger pointing at the map:
’you are here now.” 

The 40 days are up, the journey begins, again, right now, with a
finger pointing at the map – where am I now – and where am I going? 

See you there. 

Shana Tova. Over and out.



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