day 19/40


what’s in my wallet? I found myself sitting this morning for a full
five minutes with an emptied out wallet, carefully inspecting the heap
and figuring out what of the contents need to go or require attention
and whether the wallet itself is perhaps on its way to the heap of
history.Just a tiny, private housekeeping moment, prompted by a
practical need, but, as I reflected on it later, quickly becoming part
of my PREPENT journey, an active meditation on the effectiveness of
the central finaincial tool that I use, and through that process – the
beginning of some attention and intention on the ways with which money
happens in my life and between us all and how this exchange, like my
wallet, could do a better job. 

This focused wallet thinking happened, btw because of really
negligible practical problem, that nevertheless needs to be solved for
maximum elegance and efficiency in my life: This is it: as I now enter
my school building each morning at 7:45am I have to swiftly and almost
simultaneously 1. show the contents of my bag to the security officer
2. scan the id card over the scanner 3. hold on to my hot cup of tea.
and sometimes umbrella. It’s a bit of a cumbersome dance, and since I
don’t have another hand it requires creative adjustment. The
bottleneck is, I think, my wallet – where the ID card is stored and
takes the longest to get out, wave, return. possible solution: better
wallet. One with those flaps that just pull out with id badges. 

of course cleaning out your wallet is a spiritual exercise in
cleansing: in god we trust. there’s work to be done here with regard
to our financial dealings – and our fiscal containers. This too is
part of the clean-up crew for kippur. 

o the spiritual/existential exercise which is basic personal banking! 

what’s in your wallet?



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