Oh how we say words we don’t really mean.
‘im starving’ is one of those easily tossed expressions, right there with ‘love you’ and ‘whatever’.


It’s not that big of a deal, but when there is real hunger in the world and we just skipped lunch – we are guilty of excess, almost dishonesty. Can we make sure that comes out of our mouth is as wholesome and intentional as what goes into our mouth?


There is real hunger within us, real starvation – for meaning.


“We need to declare a moratorium on old, hallowed, and overused words: a linguistic fast… Paul Tillich, the Protestant theologian, said that the great words – faith, hope, love, grace, sin and salvation – sometimes become so trivialized and degraded that we need to cease using them for a generation.” (Sam Keen)


Yes to the more attention to what we say, and how and what we eat. More control on mouth traffic this coming year.


This is the busy day in prep for the big day – but it’s a big day on its count – the day of finishing unfinished business, and the day of the feast that leads to the fast.


In chadisic traditions, the eating before the fast is the most important meal of the year. “With the intentional eating on the ninth day of Tishrei” wrote the Sfat Emet back in Poland in the late 19th century, “we fix all the unintentional eating of the entire previous year.”


Fast food, like quick txt messages gets the job done but is low on nutrients. Quick eating – at the desk, on the train, standing up in the kitchen, ‘grabbing a bite’ is sometimes fun and delicious and all we can handle – but when it becomes a regular habit we are depriving our souls and bodies of true nourishment.


Let alone eating all kinds of crap.


So today’s intention, in prep for the fast, is focus on the feast. I started this PREPENT journey with a commitment to more healthy eating and so glad and proud to report that it’s going great. For the last six days I’ve eaten nothing but raw fruits and veggies, I think this detox is helping coz my energy is good and I must have lost a couple of pounds. Today’s pre fast feast is going to be pomegranate, and mango and maybe some greens. The breakfast is going to be apples. with honey.


It’s not just the what – it’s mostly the how.


Prepare for the new year with good intention, more slow, more focus, more love of self, more feast, more in the here and now.


delicious feast, easy fast.



Gmar Tov.


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