Do you find it difficult to ask for help when you really need it? I
do. I need help to be able to ask others for help, esp. with
difficult personal stuff. This is one of my PREPENT discoveries, as I
go through this past year’s inventory of actions and behaviours in my
life that need, well, help. 

I can go for a long time in a strange city with a map and not ask for
directions, and finally figure it out. Asking for help can be awkward.
I am not the best fundraiser out there – even though I know it’s not
about asking for help – its about inviting someone to be a partner in
a great idea. Still.
I’m getting better with those, but it’s the real vulnerable sort of
asking for help that i’m focused on. The deep cry of the soul.
Where do I reach out and ask for help when I’m stuck or alone, scared,
sad or confused, or heartbroken. Who does one turn to, and how does
one ask for help when things come undone? 

I count my blessings – the friends and loved ones who are there when
help is needed, and hope that I too can hear others when they ask for
help from me. At various difficult moments this past year, different
friends were there for me, helping out, helping in. 

And during one of those difficult moments, alone on the street, I
asked for help from God. 

Faith or not, this face of the divine or that or all, at times, on my
knees in some puddle, the reach out for help reaches far into all that
can be possibly there to make things better. It’s a low place that
knows to rise and needs the help of all that is out there, in here. 

A private prayer, an intimate conversation, imaginary friend, alone on
the street, plea for help in rising up, finding focus, finding love,
remaining present. Thank you. Amen. 

In class today we examine liturgy and the meaning of prayers, and what
works or doesn’t in public worship settings where so much intimacy is
lost. Spoke about the role of prayer in our lives – alone or with
others, why and how and what it is or is not for us. In another class
we studied a midrash about God as the collector of the broken hearted,
whose prayer for help sound sweetest. 

I think about that real moment of prayer that erupted for me, out of
need, alone on the street, a need for guidance and help at large.
I think about all these high and holy days when we gather to do
together something so intimate – asking for help together, from a
grander source that we do or dont’ believe in. and still. 

Learning how to as for help – from friends – from myself – from the
universe – is, for me, still an important lesson in learning. This
period of reflection helps me focus on that, and the experience of the
public prayers, so intense, these high holidays – adds a serious spin.
a lot to work on. I’ll need some help.. and I’ll hope to know how to
simply ask for it.



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