It’s business as usual at school, homework and tasks and fall to-do’s, all the accumulated emails of work and such, and in the middle of all this life – who’s got time to do this sacred inner work and truly prep for Yom Kippur? 

Need a time out? Could you use a retreat from the distractions of this overburdened style of life and make room for quiet self examination? Not the time out of errant children, not exactly – more like the time out of errant grown up who choose to take the time alone and figure it out – what can be done better? 


Need it?


I do. Even this PREPENT blog has become a ‘to do’ task, and the original flavor almost lost inside the mechanics of daily obligation and the looming deadline, real or not.


So here’s my re dedication to a daily practice, just FIVE minutes, morning or night, quietly, alone,  reflection, time out, check in – at least through the end of this 40 day process, till some more focus is found. It’s easy to lose sight of the goal so close to the finishing line, but I think this is where I need it most – the boost, the reminder, the time alone to process and prepare.
My friend and teacher David Wolkin shared with me a 5 step exercise for making more of these ten days of return – a time out for reflection, a reality check:


Imagine if you had to spend 10 days in a room confronted with all of your sins/mistakes/wrongdoings of the past year:


Read David’s full text on his blog here:


and see the basic 5 questions below:


1. What would that room look like? How big would it be?

2. Who or what would be in this room? Would there mostly be people in that room? Actions? Thoughts? Decisions? Ideas?

3. What what you say to them/what would they say to you?

4. What would it feel like to spend 10 days in there? Could you handle it?

5. What would you do with the time that you had in there? What would you address first, last?



So many ways to check in and make time out work for our souls. I hope this is helpful.




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