Uptown at the UN they are still debating, secret talks and public
statements and no compromise. hard lines in the sand, sacred sand
hardened by too many empty words and too much fear and too much blood.
Why is compromise so hard?

Downtown, here, at home, a long painful night of conversation and hard
truths, and finally, at dawn, perhaps, a compromise.

Trying to be together, people or nations, to live, and thrive and grow
together while retaining a strong self – requires that the ‘together’
is defined and redefined, again and again. Without losing sight of our
inner most needs – can we learn to also compromise – towards the
greater good that is larger than the sum of our parts?

It means to ‘make a mutual promise’, to ‘promise together’. Why is it
do hard? What can help us negotiate our truths and needs better?

Is there one area in your life where conflict happens and compromise
could help?

I am entering this third Sabbath of this prepent period of
perfection-of-self with a promise, a com-promise, to try a together.
Outcome unknown, but intention solid.

 Uptown in the UN the conflict continues. Please insert your hopes and
prayers for more compassion, courage and compromise among our leaders
and people, and each of us, for the promise of a better future, peace,
dignity, freedom, for everybody already.


shabbat shalom.