What’s Working?

It’s been raining all day and the picnic was cancelled. The kids were disappointed but that’s life. Instead we made a mural: a big sheet of paper glued to the wall on which we drew and scribbled the best things we did this summer. There were ice cream cones, and sea waves, and a sea turtle and an airplane and lots of grapes, and kites.

“What about the time I fell off the scooter?” A., almost five, asks.

“Is it something you want to remember?”

She crinkles her nose and shakes her head. The scooter doesn’t make the mural.

This PREPENT season is a mural of sorts, taking stock of what a year has brought and what’s hot, and what’s not, and what’s there to work on and improve and perfect or forgive and forget.

It’s so easy and compelling to start with the list of the nays. What’s wrong – what’s ailing me, preventing me from that feeling-good sense of being powerful in the world? This process is based on the premise that there is wrong that may be turned right.


But even before that – what’s good? What is worthy of the mural of memories we want to honor, celebrate, keep, delight in?

No Pollyanna here, I take today to focus on the glass half full, or even more than that. I know what I want to work on and improve – nutrition and wellbeing and better care of self. But I’ll start with the list of top ten things I do RIGHT when it comes to this department in my life.

Top ten things I’m proud of and take responsibility for in my life. Ten replies to the question – what’s working?

There will be time for the list of what’s wrong next. Today, even while it’s raining on the remains of the picnic, we focus on the fun facts.

What’s working for you? Top ten.





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